Top 10 Masturbation Hacks

Business & Pleasure: Top 10 Masturbation Hacks while Traveling

Everyone has their favorite masturbation hacks while traveling. Some people enjoy masturbating in the shower while other like to stroke one out after meetings. Regardless of where you go, masturbation should be an integral part of your daily physical and mental routine. In fact, having an orgasm every day is proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia, especially when on the go!

Mix Pleasure with Business using these Top 10 Masturbation Hacks

Don’t Leave Home

The Womanizer is probably the world’s best sex toy for women. Instead of vibrating sensations, it works by sucking on the clit. The company recently launched the Womanizer 2GO; a petite sex toy that makes traveling and orgasms so much easier. Quiet and discreet, you can literally use it anytime or anywhere!

masturbation hacks - womanizer 2go

Go with the Flow

Before setting off for your morning sales meeting, I recommend taking a nice shower and using the flowing water as pleasurable stimulation. You can get off by positioning yourself under the running tap if you don’t have access to a jacuzzi tub or removable shower head.

Ivana Hump

Traveling makes people feel lonely. Pillow humping is one of the best ways of simulating partnered sex without actually having someone there. Group a bunch of pillows together and getting in a comfortable position. You can stimulate your clit by grinding down on the pillows. Roll up a hot and wet washcloth for added stimulation.

Masturbation Hacks

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

Packing sex toys for a trip carries the risk of TSA finding it. Save yourself the embarrassment and take a small amount of your favorite lube. I love Southern Butter’s solid lube because it not only smells awesome, it does not spill. Use your fingers and rediscover your body with direct genital contact.

DIY Pocket Pussy

Creating a homemade Fleshlight is easy. One of the best masturbation hacks while traveling, you can simply fashion a washcloth and a condom into a temporary pocket pussy. Here are the directions:

  • Fold washcloth into a rectangle, longways.
  • Get a condom and place it with the open side out.
  • Fold the washcloth around the condom so that it creates a tight hole.
  • Stretch the open part of the condom over the end part of the washcloth.
  • Apply lube and stick your dick in it.


TENGA® is the premier brand for male masturbators. I love their line of TENGA Eggs because they come packed in a small plastic egg case and comes equipped with lube. Although disposable, you can reuse the egg a few times and toss it in the trash when it’s time to go home.

Boner Jams

More and more hotels are jumping on the NO PORN bandwagon and no longer offering what I call “inspirational services.” That’s all good. Why risk someone seeing your itemized billing statement when you can easily download porn onto a streaming device. I recommend buying a cheap tablet like the Amazon Fire and pre-downloading free content for one of the many porn sites before embarking on your trip.

Accessorize Your Climax

Be it a pearl or beaded necklace, or silk scarf, fashion accessories can offer you some hot pleasure while traveling. Performing this masturbation technique works best while in a standing or kneeling position. Hold one end of the necklace in front of you while reaching for the other end behind you and carefully rub the beads back and forth against your labia and clit. If you’re using a scarf, simply tie each section into small knots and use the same motion.

Masturbation Hacks

Electric Avenue

Masturbation hacks like this one is meant solely for external pleasure only! You can create your own vibrator by using an electric toothbrush and washcloth. Once again, take a washcloth and roll it into the desired shape. Turn on your toothbrush and insert it into the center of your washcloth! Voila! An instant external vibrator!

Get Fictional Masturbation Hacks

Not everyone is into watching porn. Some people, like me, get extremely turned from reading. Shake up your masturbation hacks and load yourself up with some written erotic fiction. Amazon has plenty of sexy short stories available. Once again, a cheap tablet will save you plenty of space in your suitcase. If reading isn’t your cup of tea, try downloading an erotic audiobook.