Just Add Spice: X-Rated Sex Games for Couples

Who doesn’t love playing games? Growing up, I enjoyed playing games like chess and Parcheesi. By the time I was in my mid-twenties, I had gone from board games to playing mind games. Now, I like new and exciting challenges by playing adult sex games.

Adult sex games concentrate more on the journey toward pleasure rather than the destination. Plus, they help with opening up the lines of communication, building trust, decreasing inhibitions and offering up more creative foreplay.  What I like about adult sex games is the possibilities are endless.

Inject more passion into your sex life with these Adult sex games.

Sex Stackers

You can buy a specialized sex stacker game and pay a premium. Or you can just get a regular Jenga game and write your own sexual commands using a Sharpie. Start off with something like “Kiss me passionately” and move toward more graphic commands such as, “Put your finger in my pussy”. The person who successfully removes the block gets the command performed on them and vice versa. Before playing, however; set up a sexy role for whoever knocks the tower over.

adult sex games



You no longer have to root through the musty game closet whenever you’re in the mood for playing hot sex games. There are a plethora of smartphone Apps catering to dirty-minded couples. The Make-Me-Hot App is an easy foreplay card game that lets couples move past their inhibitions. The rules are simple. The first partner draws a card from the digital deck and the second partner has to do what’s written on the card.

adult sex games

Hidden Treasures

You’re never too old for a new adventure. Update the classic easter egg hunt, and incorporate some erotic eggs, instead. This adult version involves hiding colorful eggs with an erotic message or tiny sex toys hidden inside. The point is to locate each egg and pop it open on the spot and use it with your lover. You never know what hidden treasures you will find.

adult sex games

Erotic Art

The best part of playing hot sex games is the bonding between couples. Some of you may not be into playing silly board games or hide-n-seek or strip poker, but you may be interested in the Love is Art Kit. The kit comes complete with a blank canvas and body safe paint for making a one-of-a-kind sexual masterpiece. All you have to do is get covered and smothered!

adult sex games

Mystery Lover

This is one of my favorite sex games because it not only heightens the senses but also amps up the pleasure of foreplay. Using a simple eye mask, block your lover’s sight while they rest comfortably on their back. Then take turns running mystery items all over their body. Focus on their erogenous zones with things lying around the house.

adult sex games

Seductive Sex Games

Exploring kinky fantasies does not have to be an intimidating experience. You can actually have fun by making a game out of it. The Bondage Seduction game has everything you’ll need for creating erotic scenarios like spankings, bondage, and roleplaying. Simply roll the dice, pick a card and let your imagination run wild with the provided implements.

adult sex games

Shoot for the Moon

Sex dice have been around for a long time. Although they may seem trite, dice are fairly inexpensive and pretty straight-forward. Depending on the set, you can go from kissing to sucking to blowing. There are even dice that let couples explore new sexual positions. You don’t have to buy a special pair in order to have fun. Fashion some traditional dice with your own rules. Don’t be afraid to up the ante, though. The skies the limit when it comes to exploring new ways of play.

adult sex games