Guide to Clitoral Pleasure

Love Nub: A Guide to Clitoral Pleasure

Clitoral pleasure is at a tipping point! Late night television Conan recently featured clitoral pleasure with the help of Dr. Jennifer Berman and Womanizer Plus. Yes, you read that correctly. The words clitoris and orgasm were said out loud on network television.  It’s about fucking time!

Clitoral Awareness

The clitoris is finally coming out her gilded shell. No longer shrouded in secrecy, and spoken about in hushed tones, clitoral pleasure is dominating the sexual wellness conversation. Maybe it’s because more women are owning their sexual power. Or maybe it’s because the supply of quality toys have finally emerged. Whatever the reason, the clitoris makes for great PR.

Sex Fact: A Majority of Women Require Clitoral Stimulation to Orgasm

Clitoral Facts

Understanding of the clitoris is like having a key to a luxury castle!

  • The clit is located slightly above the opening of the vagina. The location may vary, though.
  • The size and shape of the clitoris vary from person to person.
  • Sometimes, the clitoris wears a hoody and needs a little gentle coaxing.
  • The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings and is way more sensitive than a penis.
  • Clits are finicky and react differently to pressure and stimulation.
  • The clitoris increases in size during the arousal process.
  • The clitoris enjoys being wooed and teased.

Sex Fact: Clits are a lot like snowflakes and no two are exactly alike.

How to Give Clitoral Pleasure

Direct Digital Stimulation

No, I’m not talking about having a cable subscription plan when it comes to clitoral pleasure, but rather, using your hands and fingers and plenty of lube. It goes without saying if you’re going to flick the precious bean, your hands, and fingernails must be tidy! Remember, women find direct clitoral pressure and contact uncomfortable. So it’s best to slow your roll before diving right in.

As I mentioned, the clit likes being wooed. So start the journey far outside the genital perimeter and gently move your way inward. Don’t forget to include some liberal labia rubbing before making the clit your final destination.  The fingers are nimble, so use them to your advantage and aim slightly above or below the clit with small circular motions.

Toy Oh Toy

clitoral pleasure

I’m a huge fan of the Womanizer product line! The company now has a variety of clit sucking machines. The Womanizer 2GO is my favorite one in the line because of its angled silicone head which seems to work better for me. The trick in using any of the Womanizer products is not having too much direct contact with the clit and just putting it in place. You don’t have to work the toy around too much. It works best when placed slightly above your love nub.

Slippery Business

I’ve heard a lot of women poo-poo the idea of using lube. For some reason, there’s this false belief that if a woman uses lube, she failing at getting aroused. So Not True! Every woman is different in terms of getting wet. Clitoral pleasure relies on having proper lubrication. And if you’re thinking of using saliva—stop right there! Applying lube can really help intensify the experience. All depending on your preference, you can use as much or as little lube as you like.

Oral Contracts

clitoral pleasure

God put mouth’s on our face for a reason. And that is so women can enjoy oral sex too! There’s nothing like having a pair of soft moist lips and a wet tongue teaming up on a clit. But if you’re looking to move past the basic high school maneuvers, you’re going have to up your repertoire. Clitoral pleasure is more than just licks and swirls. Mix things up by adding some suction, or gently taking the clit into your mouth. You can definitely heighten the sensation and prolong the encounter with some gentle kissing.

The Real McCoy

clitoral pleasureMy all time favorite sex toy is the male penis! Although there are some impressive, life-like dildos out there, a real cock is hard to beat when trying for clitoral pleasure. With that being said, it’s best when you can actually use the head of someone’s cock during foreplay. I love playing a game called Just the Tip. That’s when he takes the head of his penis and gently rubs it across the clit and labia and then gently inserts the tip into the vagina. Not only does this trick feel great for both people, it’s sure to heighten the collective arousal and result in possible perfectly timed orgasms for everyone.