Land of Ahhhh’s: Je Joue Fifi Review

My mother recently said I was born to work in the sex industry. In fact, I knew from an early age the world of sex toys was going to be my oyster. Of course, the kid’s in school did not agree and constantly made fun of me. But who’s laughing now!

I’m fortunate for many reasons. One, getting to examine some of the most amazing sexual wellness products is a dream come true. Two, it’s my pleasure to drive your pleasure by providing the up’s and down’s, and in’s and out’s of which products work.

There is a sea of sex toys, and being the connoisseur of all things sex, I jumped at the chance to review the Je Joue Fifi Rabbit Vibrator.


Original Rabbit VibratorKudos to the inventor of the rabbit vibe. The great mind behind this sex toy certainly set a precedent for other rabbit style massagers to literally penetrate the market. Since its inception in 1983, the rabbit has gone through a number of iterations. Today, it remains one of the best-selling sex toys.

The tipping point for the rabbit was when the creators of Sex in the City” wrote an entire episode around Charlotte and her beloved rabbit. After the episode aired, women searched high and low and the Rabbit quickly sold out. That’s when other sex toy companies started developing varying versions of the classic design.


Other than being objective and somewhat creative, there are no special criteria for reviewing/testing sex toys. But willing to share the experiences is a huge bonus. Based on which toy is provided, I have to vary my testing methods. So, with the Je Joue Fifi in one hand and lube in the other, I decided to invite my lover to help with the review, instead of hauling ass to the bedroom to play solo. However, to keep from tainting the test results, he was only there to observe.


Je Joue FifiGetting acquainted with the Je Joue Fifi is pretty straight forward. Simply open the box and pull out the vibrator. There is a little compartment on the inside including the instruction manual and charger. I’m glad the developers at Je Joue decided on creating the recharging cable which attaches via a magnetic connection. This makes it really easy to set up and charge. Wait about an hour and Voila!—you’ve got full power. While the Fifi charged, it gave me time to set up my environment and make myself comfortable by reading some erotic materials.

Je Joue Fifi


Unlike typical rabbit vibes. You know, the one with the cute squirrel or rabbit with vibrating latex tongue. I found the Je Joue Fifi to be special. First, it has a silky smooth texture. I closed my eyes and it felt just like a long-lost lover’s fingertips. Second, it’s not too big! I’m not a size queen and prefer small designed toys. It’s petite, yet curved body works incredibly well for both external stimulation and internal sensations. This gives the Fifi more versatility because you don’t have to insert into the vagina to get off. And third, it’s chocked full of variety. The Fifi has five vibration levels and seven pulsation patterns. With each being accessible with a simple touch of a button.


Most women take at least 20 to 40 minutes for their arousal to build. There’s no magic flip of the switch that instantly turn’s us on. So, when I test sex toys, it’s important to savor the process. The reason for starting off slow is so I can time how long a toy takes to just get me warmed up.

With my lover watching intently, I spread my legs open and used the bulbous head of the Fifi to pleasure myself slowly. From my nipple to the clit, the lowest vibration setting was just enough stimulation to get the juices flowing. The tip of its shaft felt really smooth; almost like the head of my lover’s cock. The slick silicone material made moving it up and down over my clit feel effortless, while the material began warming to my body temperature.

The vibe is lightweight and fits perfectly in my right hand. Increasing the vibration and altering the pattern only requires a slight movement of my thumb. The raised buttons of the control panel let me switch things up and stay in the moment without interrupting the flow.


Mutual masturbation is a fun way to sharpen your sexual verbal skills without having physical contact. My lover enjoys directing the action with his explicit stories and tells me what to do. Sensing my arousal, he said it was time to insert the Fifi. I spread myself open and slid the head of the Fifi into my vagina. I was surprised how it curved right into place, hugging against my G-spot.

The shape and size of the Je Joue Fifi fit my body like a glove. I varied the sensations by leveraging the vibe. Kind of like a titter-totter, I moved it up and down, rather than in and out.


Je Joue FifiMy partner asked how everything felt. All I could verbalize was the Je Joue Fifi feels like a buffet of many delicious dishes. Internally, it’s life-like, while externally, the vibrating dual ears delicately caressing my nub. But the downside to the FiFi is that the ‘rabbit’ ears are stiff. So, if you move too quick—there’s the potential of poking the clit.


Running through the series of patterns and vibrations, I was being led to the Land of Ahhhhhs. The Fifi has several options when it comes to vibration. You can select the shaft only vibration, or the clitoral extenders only, or both at the same time. I chose the combination method with a pattern akin to an engine revving. I loved how it revved the energy and pulsated outward—giving off blasts of delectable trembling. With my clit in between the rabbit ears, and the Fifi filling my vagina, I felt the wave of opulent pleasure build. Then finally, my partner made the command to come. Not a few seconds later, my entire being mushroomed into a pool of complete bliss.


Purchasing sex toys is a very personal choice. An essential part of reviewing sex toys is offering an unbiased opinion. So, you and your partner can make an informed choice, I’ve listed the Pros and Cons of the Je Joue Fifi Vibe.


  • Amazing soft silicone texture. No seams.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • No batteries required, ever! It’s rechargeable.
  • Waterproof. You can use in the shower or bath.
  • Delightfully curved shape and offers precise G-spot stimulation.
  • Clitoral extenders are smooth.
  • Intense clitoral vibration.
  • Plenty of fun vibration options.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Incredible gift packaging.
  • Reasonable price-point $139.


  • The Motor is loud and alerts anyone within earshot.
  • Shaft vibration may not be strong enough for some women.
  • Rabbit ears are stiff and not very flexible. They can poke.
  • The shaft could be a little longer.
  • Control buttons require a little pressure to operate.