Sexual Wild Card: The Mighty Tantus Rumble

It’s reasonable to say the sex toy market is overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. But the good news is there are toys for any desire. For instance, if someone has imagined it, you can bet it’s out there. Wondering what it’s like having sex with a teddy bear? There’s a dildo for that. Do you have fantasies about getting it on with a Squirtle? The adult industry has got you covered.

As an insider, I’ve grown accustomed to knowing the difference between marketing hype and reality. I commonly greet sex toys with some healthy skepticism, especially when they are touted as the “best sex toy ever.” Why? Not every single toy meets everyone’s expectations. But there are some wild cards on the market—like the Tantus Rumble.

Responsible Reviewing

Buying pleasure products is a bit tricky. We can’t just walk into a sex shop and try things in a dressing room to see if they a fit. Often we have to rely on word-of-mouth from friends and professional reviewers. That’s why I take my job as a sex toy reviewer seriously. Some people assume I go home, spread my legs and start pleasuring myself with the newest and greatest thing—which isn’t necessarily untrue, but that’s not the full story.

I look at every aspect such as the design, packaging, seams, buttons, materials, function, and form. And since every woman is different, I also wind up thinking of new ways to use each toy. Although I derive great pleasure from testing products, it’s your overall experience that is most important.

Get Your Motor Running

Tantus RumbleWith that said, I am happy to report the Tantus Rumble is a game changer when it comes to wand-style vibrators. Woman owned and operated, Tantus products are known for their quality silicone and life-like dildos. The Rumble is their first wand, and they took their time ensuring it is well-planned and designed. First off, it’s incredibly powerful! Even on the lowest setting, which I recommend anyone start with initially, it provides a deep, rumbling sensation. For me, pulling it back a bit and massaging the labia was helped me get comfortable with its overwhelming power.


The design is smart. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, and it has an unusual ergonomic shape. Unlike other wands, which are straight, the Rumble’s angles make it easy to use no matter your position. Whether you enjoy using toys while laying on your back or your stomach, it has great versatility. My favorite way to use it is on my back while my husband fingers me. With a Liberator Wedge positioned under me, he has better access, and I have a mind-blowing good time.

Operator Friendly

The Rumble’s handle has an excellent grip. The tapered design makes it easy for people with different-sized hands to find a comfortable place to hold on. Also, instead of smooth plastic on the entire handle, the underside, along with control panel, are accented with non-slip silicone. It won’t slide out of your lube covered fingers. I like the illuminated control panel. You don’t have to fumble around searching for the buttons. The on/off switch is located closer to the head and is not nearby the increase/decrease buttons. There’s nothing like accidentally hitting the off button as you’re getting close to climaxing!

The buttons controlling the speed and intensity require only slight pressure. Just push, and the motor swiftly changes gears. Selecting the + button gives you not only more intensity, but it also changes vibration pattern on the fourth push.

Gives Good Head

Tantus RumbleFlexibility makes all the difference when playing with a toy. The Tantus Rumble has a flexible head that gently bends with your movement. The soft silicone cup covering the head also feels nice when placed against the body.
The great thing about the removable cup is that you can replace it with other attachments. Tantus offers, separately, a G-spot attachment. Curved at just at the right angle, this smaller apparatus adds just enough pressure on the G-spot for an exciting feeling. The flipper attachment creates a slight fluttering when the Rumble is on full power. It feels like someone’s tongue is caressing the clit. Tantus even thought to develop a dildo attachment which works with every one of their dildos. The vibrations get a little weaker with the thick dildos, however.

Squirter’s Delight

Tantus RumbleI was surprised at how my body responded to the Tantus Rumble. By starting at the lowest level and increasing the power incrementally, I enjoyed reveling in the build up to the climax. However, I was completely caught off guard by the powerful squirting orgasm that was entirely the result of the Rumble. I attribute it to the vibe’s powerful rumbling motor. Or it could be because the head of the wand [head] covers a larger area of my vulva rather than focusing directly on the clit. Now, whenever I use this sex toy it typically results in me squirting.

Final Thoughts

Comparatively, the Tantus Rumble is a quality vibrator. No matter if you are new to vibes or a seasoned sex toy veteran, the Tantus Rumble is satisfying. The top-shelf materials give this vibe a competitive edge over more established brands. Plus, the fact that it accommodates other Tantus brand attachments gives it some additional bonus points. However, this toy is not without its flaws. Though it charges quickly, the charge depletes rather fast. I reached for it the other night, and the Rumble was completely dead. So, to ensure you are not disappointed when the mood strikes, I recommend plugging it in after every use to recharge. The Tantus Rumble takes no time to clean and maintain—when you’re done getting off just remove the silicone head and wash. Unlike larger wands, this baby is the perfect road trip buddy because it’s so light and inconspicuous. But be sure to drain the battery before traveling, though.

Tantus Rumble

All in all, if you are looking for a quality vibe that can keep up the pace and accommodate your Tantus dildos, the Tantus Rumble gives you a lot of bang for your buck.