Sensory Deprivation Play

Mind Fuck: The Ultimate Guide to Sensory Deprivation Play

There’s absolutely no doubt that the series of Fifty Shades of Grey set off a frenzy with sensory deprivation play. Couples all over the world are now trying new things such as blindfolding each other, playing with restraints and restricting speech. Thank goodness too! We need more variety when it comes to sex anyway.

Now, don’t let the words SENSORY DEPRIVATION PLAY overwhelm you. This type of sexual interaction is nothing new. People have used blindfolds, rope, shackles or anything else they can use to deprive their partner’s senses. In fact, you may have even dabbled in sensory deprivation without even knowing it. Here’s the thing—if you’ve ever used a silk tie or blindfold during sex, well congratulations, you have successfully dipped your toe in the sensory deprivation pool.

Sensory Deprivation Play

Sensory deprivation play [temporarily] restricts one or all of the human senses. The reason I’ve added play to the end of that proposition is because it’s all meant for playful interaction. It can range from blocking your lover’s vision with a blindfold, to blocking all the senses at once using well-crafted bondage furniture and gear. But this type of play is more than about someone’s inability to see, touch, smell, taste, or hear. It also may involve tactile sensations. You can incorporate tantalizing tools and instruments to heighten sensations, making sex feel ultra-intensified.

I’ve outlined some ways you can start exploring the world of sensory deprivation play.

Safe for the SensEs

Sensory deprivation play does require some level of planning and preparation. You want the experience to feel great without endangering the welfare of your partner. Here are some tips to get you started out safely.

  • Start Slowly!
  • Discuss boundaries and limits beforehand.
  • Decide on a safeword or action before play.
  • Communicate and check-in with your partner during play.
  • Stop immediately if there is any sign of distress.
  • Pay close attention to breathing and body language.
  • Never leave your partner unattended when bound, masked or gagged.
  • Do not play if both or either of you had too many drugs or alcohol—it dulls the senses and causes you to make poor decisions.

Appetizer, Anyone?

Sensory Deprivation PlaySensory deprivation takes the basic tenets of sensation play and cranks sex up to number 11. Senses go into overdrive when one or more of them are being restricted. As with anything new, it’s important to begin slowly before putting the pedal to the metal and heading down the bondage beltway. Using a simple blindfold can be the first step toward opening up a whole new world of sexual excitement. That’s because restricting sight can have a remarkable effect in heightening the other senses like hearing, smell, touch, and taste. It’s all about using amplifying the other senses while building the anticipation.

Secret Ingredient

Another underestimated sense during sex is touch. Depriving anyone the ability of touch and watch as things get hyper-sexy. An excellent way to prevent touching is immobilizing your partner using a set of comfortable restraints. For beginner’s, I recommend using plush cuffs with Velcro. They help create a custom fit while keeping your lover securely in place. What’s sexier than laying there naked and vulnerable and unable to do anything? Perhaps knowing your partner is watching you squirm with every single touch.

Pushing Limits

The incredible thing about BDSM is that anything goes. Well—almost. Not only does this type of play open up lines of communication (because you are always required to check in with your partner) it also helps to expand the imagination. It’s a known fact that some people with limited sensory input can sometimes experience pleasurable altered states of consciousness. Often referred to as subspace, the submissive’s mind wanders into a fantastical world filled all types of wild and sensual experiences.

If you are already familiar with the innocent tricks such as blindfolding and restraining, you may want to experiment with sensory deprivation by restricting several senses altogether. The more restricted each of the senses, the more vulnerable the submissive feels, and more control a Dominant has over the scenario.

Implements of Play

Sensory Deprivation PlayOur bodies have a great ability to receive pleasure. Every one of our senses elicits a physical reaction based on the external stimuli. That’s why we always want more of what feels good, even when it’s mixed with a little bit of pain.

Using implements and sex toys during sensory deprivation play can amp up the orgasm factor. Almost any sex toy can tantalize your partner during sensory deprivation play. For instance, if your submissive is a male, a vibrating cock ring can provide a constant source of stimulation and drive him wild. For women, you can use a remote control vibe. It works well for denying and or delaying her orgasm.

When needing a more ‘humiliating’ effect, a flogger or paddle blends pain with pleasure. A slight stroke against the skin followed by a quick slap can escalate arousal and leaves the skin feeling warm and tingling. Don’t forget to use your words! Detailing your actions verbally leaves your partner wanting more.

Shocking Effects

Add a bit more intensity to your sensory deprivation play by adding a new sensation. Implements such as nipple clamps are fantastic for keeping the mind focused on particular body parts. The secret, however, is applying the clamps while your partner is at their highest level of arousal. The pressure creates tension during the scene and can provide incredible sensations while they are orgasming. You can easily create more anticipation to the scenario with an electro-stim sex toy. They offer your partner a [safe and gentle] shocking surprise while they are physically restrained and blindfolded.

Let Creativity Flow

Sensory Deprivation PlayThere’s a famous scene in the movie 9 1/2 Weeks where Mickey Rourke and Kim Bassinger plop themselves down in front of the fridge. This highly erotic scene proves you don’t need expensive gear or furniture to make sensory deprivation play exciting. Don’t be afraid to get creative using an array of foods or condiments. Using them, especially when your partner’s sight is limited, can enhance their sense of taste and smell. Plus, the textures can enliven the sense of touch.

You can use other household items too such as feather dusters, makeup brushes, silverware, prickly plants or anything else you think will add to the enjoyment. Things such as spoons and forks are incredible for temperature play and can easily be warmed or cooled.

Back to Earth

For some people, sensory deprivation play can feel overwhelming, especially if two or more of the senses are restricted. Any abrupt change in temperature, lighting or external stimuli can push someone over the edge. Here’s a little trick—you will want to end the scene gradually. To do this, taper things off by applying less and less stimulation. Gently pulling back allows the play session end naturally.

Show You Care

Aftercare is an essential component to sensory deprivation play. A great deal of TLC is required after a scene because it’s possible for submissives to slip into subspace. Plus, it helps you bond emotionally and physically with your partner. Your partner may feel light headed, weak, emotional, cold or unable to talk afterward.  You can wrap them in the warm fuzzy blanket while they sip on a cup of calming tea. Reassuring them with cuddles and love helps your partner gradually adjust and come back down to Earth. By giving them attention afterward, you’ll both experience a dramatic end to some sensation play.

Sensory Deprivation Play