Dots I See: Erotic Art by DotMatrix

Full disclosure—the artist DotMatrix featured in this blog post is someone very close to me. I’ve known him for nearly 20 years and we finally married 4 years ago. So, when Liberator Bedroom Adventure asked if I knew any artists willing to participate in this year’s holiday card collection, I volunteered DotMatrix. He was happy to stretch himself artistically with a new erotic collection of art.


You are entering the kaleidoscopic world of DotMatrix. His world is filled with exuberant movement. Looking at his work is a powerful experience. The art is a rhythmic dance of intense, colorful dots, spirals, lines, dashes, and circles all jumping out at you. It’s a place where flat surfaces suddenly become a tactile tapestry of dots, daring you to touch the textured surface. You venturing into the world where an artist is in love with dots.

Don’t Call it Pointillism

The by DotMatrix is not Pointillism. He will be sure to correct the word usage. Instead, he uses a painting technique involving a series of distinct dots or points of color forming an image. DotMatrix calls it “dip and apply.” This painting technique creates highly textured surfaces of lifted paint giving the appearance of movement. The best way of describing the work of DotMatrix is to call it Sensualism—where the senses of touch and seeing collide in harmony.


The Beginning

The first art piece he created was 20 years ago. DotMatrix affixed a small log onto wooden dowels turning it into a sculptural tripod. The curved sculpture revealed a delicately painted landscape using only a series of tiny, well-placed dots. He realized the same effect occurring on flat panels too. It did not take long for him to move from wooden sculptures, often made of kudzu, onto large scale wooden panels. Although the foundations have changed over time, the dots have remained the same.

Sacred Space

Every artist has their own setup and ritual. DotMatrix has a large studio with plenty of natural light flowing through the windows and skylight. Depending on the time of day, the colors that make up his paintings take on an entirely new appearance. There is an aura of mystery when walking through his studio. It’s not hard to miss the containers filled with brightly colored paint or the bizarre apparatus’ that help make up differently shaped dots. As his favorite Jazz music fills the air, DotMatrix situates himself at his familiar paint table and prepares for hours and hours of dip and apply.


Circle of Life

The beauty of art is its subjectivity—the eye of the beholder. And the work of DotMatrix is universally appealing. This is probably because it is easy to respond while viewing the work. There is a visceral reaction once the colorful twist of light and shapes reaches the emotional core. His most popular work is the mandala series. Sanskrit for circle, the mandala represents wholeness—a notion that life is never ending. Mostly improvised, he hand-applies each dot turning them into a meticulous pattern. The combination of the circle along with the vibrant tones make the painting come to life with energy and vivacity.


The Maverick

The term “Outsider Art” was initially coined in 1972. It was used for labeling “untrained artists.” Also known as Art Brut, this genre has grown considerably within the art marketplace in recent years. Not wanting an art classification, DotMatrix considers himself an individualist. It’s the process of painting that gives him the most joy, not necessarily the outcome. In a trance-like state, he works with basic instruments to create a network of interwoven and connected spaces. Occupying himself for hours on end, DotMatrix produces richly multihued designs that are a visually resplendent realm of luminous colors and complex, rhythmic patterns which are neither inside or outside the parameters of labeled art.


Popping for the Holidays

Liberator was very fortunate to have DotMatrix create a series of holiday cards for this year. He has graciously created six unique paintings with a sexy holiday theme. They are sharing them with fans throughout the season. Enjoy!

“We were attracted to the beauty and whimsy of his art, and our (perverted!) inspiration created a new direction for him with fun, sex-positive artworks. Sex should be wild and free, where the overall experience is crafted from a million tiny details. We think his artwork expresses the joy of sex completely.”