Saddle Up: Unconventional Ways to Dress Up for Sex

Dressing up for sex does not require spending too much money or going beyond your comfort zone. Seeing women in the constant iteration of unoriginal lingerie is getting old. Instead of lace teddies, see-through nighties, and strappy tit-slings, more and more women are now donning bondage inspired accessories in the bedroom. Many attribute this budding trend to the 50 Shades phenomenon. However; I think the uptick in sales has more to do with women taking power back in the bedroom. They are going for something unconventionally sexy which looks and feels empowering and unconventionally sexy.

Here are some tips on dressing up for sex using leather bondage inspired accessories handcrafted by Oddo Leather.

Statement Pieces

Dressing up for sex should make you feel sexy, not awkward. Companies like Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood make a lot of money on lingerie that is frankly, cheap and unoriginal. Instead, of following the herd, I recommend adding something that says “I mean business” but in a classy way.


Go for the Bold

Bondage inspired gear is not just for BDSM enthusiasts anymore. I know a lot of “vanilla” couples who enjoy wearing leather accessories in and out of the bedroom. The simple act of putting on a pair of colorful cuffs or collar can make you feel bolder—even if you’re not into spanking or punishment play.

Dressing Up for Sex

Oddo Leather Athena Cuff Set

Visual Impressions

BDSM comes in many forms and can be fun, erotic, and arousing. If you’re not into wearing bondage gear that’s okay. You don’t have to be a hardcore enthusiast to appreciate the visual impact a flogger or paddle provides. Just having an implement is within reach is enough to create a visual impact.



Oddo Leather Scarlette Suede Flogger


Personality Fit

I have a motto: do what makes your tail wag! What that means is looking for things and situations that make you feel empowered. Adding a collar and lead is not about degrading your lover. These types of accessories are great for couples having a hard time verbally communicating about sex. The lead can actually serve as a guidance tool, allowing your partner to non-verbally guide the way.


Oddo Leather: Dressing Up for Sex

Oddo Leather Black and Gold 12 Piece


Gear Gifting

I recommend to anyone who has never used bondage or leather gear in the bedroom to start off slow and simple. First and foremost, communicate before you initiate. You don’t want to shock your lover with a spiked collar, especially if it does not fit their personality type. Try something colorful at first. Sometimes black can feel intimidating and vivid accessories can make them feel less self-conscious and more comfortable.




Oddo Leather Lena Suede Cuff Set