Quality Counts: Why Buying Handcrafted Fetish Gear Matters

Handcrafted fetish gear is garnering a lot of mainstream attention. But navigating the world of BDSM fashion and accessories can be overwhelming. There are a plethora of products out there, ranging from bank-breaking expensive to poorly made copies. When outfitting yourself, or your partner there are several factors you will want to take into account—quality, utility, appearance, and longevity.

Before you crack open the piggy-bank, let’s take a look at why buying handcrafted fetish gear is so essential.

Handcrafted Fetish Gear & Quality Control

When it comes to fetish gear, you usually get what you pay for. Using poorly made products during play can actually be dangerous. That’s why most leather artisans invest in quality materials, making your play adventure safe and fun.  Here are some things you will want to consider before putting anything on your body.

  • Look at the quality of the stitching. Is it reinforced and double stitched with high-grade threading?

Handcrafted Fetish Gear

  • Check the quality of the leather. Does it feel cheap and flimsy?
  • Make certain the rivets are tight and have a reinforced backing.
  • Look for any defects in the buckles or d-rings.

Buying hand-crafted leather usually means the product was tested and retested before being packaged and shipped. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before buying.

Floggers, and Slappers, and Gags. Oh, My!

You don’t want to skimp when buying utility toys like floggers, slappers, paddles, blindfolds, and gags. These implements, which are designed for sensation play, can cause great harm when not assembled correctly. Here’s a break down what to look for when buying utility types toys.

  • Floggers are great for using on your partner’s back and frontal areas. The falls (leather tethers) can either be thin or thick, depending on your preference. Make sure the handle is fixed and reinforced—no loosey-goosey parts.

Handcrafted Fetish Gear

  •  Unlike floggers, (leather) slappers and paddles offer more control regarding the “strike” zone. The same rules apply when it comes paddles and slappers—make sure there aren’t any sharp edges and that each section is reinforced.

Handcrafted Fetish Gear

  • We all know ball gags are incredibly useful for keeping your partner silent. When shopping for a gag, you will want to make certain there aren’t any loose pieces which can accidentally fall into the mouth. Make sure the buckle system feels smooth too—this ensures easy removal.

Handcrafted Fetish Gear

Rare Jewels

Handcrafted fetish gear means not having to see it in the local Hot Topic. What I mean by this is a lot of the fetish gear currently on the market is mass-produced and cheap. The people in factories don’t really care about quality, safety, or care. That’s why I am always on the look out for leather artisans creating their own gear. Oddo Leather is one of the best BDSM makers out there. They truly understand their customers and make products that are built to last a lifetime.

Long Live the Queen (or King)

I truly believe “you get what you pay for.” There have been so many times when I regretted buying the cheaper version just to save a buck or two. Replacing less expensive gear eventually adds up and you were better off buying the handcrafted version in the first place. Here why:

  • Hand-crafted fetish gear is mostly unique. You won’t find it at a mass retailer like Hot Topic or the goth neighbor next door.
  • Hand-crafted gear means that an actual person put their time and love in making something special for you. Most buy quality materials.
  • Hand-crafted gear lasts longer. Yeah, it may be a little more costly. But I promise you won’t be disappointed when using it for the 100th time.

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