Schmecht Gut: The Art of Erotic Spanking

I encountered my first erotic spanking by a teacher in the third grade. Although I can’t remember his name, I do recall his rotund, rotten-cheese smelling frame hovering over me while wielding a wooden spanking device. The paddle was big and had large holes drilled into the center. He seemed to take great joy in targeting mostly girls. Adding to the insult, he loved spanking us in front of the entire class.

The memory of this incident is permanently etched into my psyche. Not because it was degrading. But because I enjoyed it. The initial impact, although surprising, did not hurt. Instead, it felt exciting and warm. Perhaps this is the reason why I like an erotic spanking from time to time. However, not with large wooden paddles.

There is an art to giving an erotic spanking. The person getting spanked gives up control while the one doling out the punishment needs to maintain that control while being focused.

Here are some tips on how to give your lover an erotic spanking.

The Tools You Can Use


The Art of SpankingI don’t recommend using larger-than-life wooden paddles, especially if you’re starting out. Unlike my third-grade teacher, you may want to start off with something less intimidating. You can make quite an impression by using a smaller paddle. I like the Oddo BDSM leather paddle.

Don’t let the size of this paddle fool you, though. This baby packs a lot of power Because it includes two interior metal rods, this baby packs a lot of power.  The handle is 3-inches, which is great for large or small hands.


So you’re ready to graduate from elementary tools to something offering more sensation. The Art of SpankingI love floggers for many reasons. One, you can use them on someone’s back, thighs, and chest. Floggers have a tendency of providing a thuddy effect, unlike paddles which offer more of a sting. Depending on the size and the length of the falls, you can give your partner a veritable roller coaster ride of sensations.

Riding Crops

The Art of Erotic SpankingI’ve never met a riding crop I did not like. These BDSM tools are great for giving your partner precise and targeted strikes. You can use a riding crop for teasing the genitals or nipples. But they also work great to strike against the buttocks and the back of the thighs. Personally, I love the sound when being swiftly moved through the air. However, I don’t recommend using a riding crop for beginners.


There is a reason why certain Asian countries use caning as a form of legal punishments. They fucking hurt like hell. But feel really good when used with good intentions. A cane is great providing maximum impact without severely injuring your partner. When used with consideration, canes offer a high stinging sensation. However, extreme care is required because they can easily break the skin on your ass.

The Art of Erotic Spanking

The Art of Erotic SpankingI recently watch an old episode of Gidget and realized there is a lot of spanking going on. I guess, back in the day, it was normal to spank teenagers on a national television show. With that being said, spanking is more than just a form of punishment, tough. A lot of pleasure can be derived from spanking. The temporary discomfort and pain can increase dopamine and endorphins, which gets some people high. Plus, it feels nice and warm afterward—depending on how you’re being spanked.

Ready, Get Set — Oh Hold it a Minute!

The Art of Erotic SpankingBe it a hand or a BDSM toy—-let’s get one thing straight before you start smacking any part of your lover’s body. CONSENT! Spanking is a whole new dimension of sex. It requires taking control and giving up control which requires mutual understanding. So, have an open and honest discussion with your partner. Then come up with safe words you can use is things get too intense. The traffic light system is universal for everyone’s understanding. Red = STOP, Yell0w = Use caution while proceeding, Green = Rev it Up.

The Warm Up

Before you start popping your lover’s booty make sure they are comfortable, relaxed and ready for the experience. You can start off my rubbing your hand across their ass and kneading the skin. This helps increase the circulation. Plus the mixing of pleasure with pain with make them want more. Don’t forget to use some dirty talk too. The point is not rushing into the erotic spanking and taking your time.

The Exquisite Pleasure of Pain

The Art of Erotic SpankingOnce you’ve got the creative sex juices flowing, it’s time to sneak in some surprise smacks here and there. Start off with some soft ass cheek slaps (always rotating) with your hand and increase the intensity. It’s important to check in with your partner and ask how everything feels. I like it when my partner takes the time to rub in between the smacks. It helps soothe the sting a bit. Using direct communication will help determine when it’s time for introducing a paddling tool.

End Notes

Erotic spanking is a wonderful experience when done with good intentions. The important thing is making it fun and exciting. Make sure you both understand the safe words. And never feel afraid of using it. This goes for the spanker too.

Also, when you’re spanking someone, remain focused. That means setting aside any distractions. If you end up hitting your partner’s lower back instead of their bottom, you run the risk of damaging their vital organs and kidneys. So, pay attention.

Remember, you can embrace your wild side but use care by staying tuned into your partner’s needs and desires.