Perky Passion: Nipple Play Techniques for Better Sex

Nipple play is exciting and arousing. In fact, some people experience intense orgasms just from nipple stimulation alone. An extremely sensitive erogenous zone, sensations experienced through the nipple play travel to the same part of the brain controlling the sensations of the vagina, clitoris, and cervix.

Here are some nipple play techniques designed for perking up the passion and desire; no matter where you fall on the nipple sensitivity spectrum.

Anatomy of the Nipple

Nipples come in all shapes and sizes. The area surrounding the actual nipple is the areola and it ranges from light pink to dark brown. The bumps on the areola are Montgomery glands which help keeps the skin lubricated. During stimulation, the bumps and the color of the areola react and the nipple gets hard.

Nipple Play

Mother Nature’s Xanax

Want to relieve stress, menstrual cramps or anxiety (or tune out your mother-in-law)? Tweak your nipples for a few seconds and see how good it feels. A gentle titty-twist is a great way of boosting the production of oxytocin (that happy, warm, fuzzy love hormone).

Nipple Play Warm-Up

The trick with nipple play is not to go at them like you’re milking a farm animal. Slowly build arousal with some light, gentle teasing. In fact, don’t touch. Just use some air by pursing your lips and blowing across the surface of the skin. However, nipples have short attention spans. Add some variety and expel some hot breath just over the nipple with your mouth.

Nipple Play

Sweet Spots

Turn up the heat and build sexual tension using your hands and fingers on the nipples. Once again, it’s about starting slowly with light fingertip caresses and slow circular motions. Switch things up a bit and come at the nipple from above and rub or run circles around the areola. Then spread out the simulation by moving your hands onto the breast. You can then come back toward the nipple and reward them with a kiss and tongue flick.

Nipple Play

Climate Change

Nipples can serve as a cornerstone to any sexual play, especially for couples who like kink. Adding intensity during nipple play does require some finesse, however. Although ice is a popular choice, it is a bit on the amateur side for advanced kinksters. The last thing you want is numbing the one thing you’re trying to stimulate. Personally, I like electrostimulation. The slight sting and shock can be thrilling.

Advanced Nipple Play

Nipple PlayClothes pins may be good in theory but are not meant for long-term nipple play. Nothing beats a pair of well-crafted nipple clamps, especially when you like a side of pain with their pleasure. There are a variety of toys for tits. I prefer the screw adjustable clamps because they are designed for increasing or decreasing sensation. Using them is fairly straight forward. Simply place the clamp at the base of the nipple and attach. You can even use some with weights or vibration for added stimulation.

I also like the Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers. Made from thick silicone, these suckers simply attach to the nipple and suck them outward. The loop at the top lets people attach chains and leads for more pulling sensations.

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned pro, nipple play is incredibly hot and satisfying. But just like any other sexual nuance, exploring the art nipple play is not about a one-size-fits-all approach. What feels good to one, may not work for some. Talk with your partner throughout the interaction and see how far you can take it.



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