L'Amourose Rosa Rouge

Heat Seekers Wanted: Why you will love the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge Heated Vibe

UPDATE: Sadly, L’Amourose Rosa Rouge Heated Vibe or any of their products are no longer available. Too bad because L’Amourose made some exceptional products.

I was a bit skeptical when the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge vibrator initially hit the market. To me, it was just another vibe company bragging about their superior, magical powers. The packaging looked sexy. But we all know the tricks of marketing! The only way to tell the difference was to take this red hot momma for a test drive between the sheets.

L’Amourose Rosa Rouge — Devil’s in the Details

The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge comes with fairly standard features. Although not exactly unique, it still comes fully loaded with orgasmic potential.

  • Shift into high gear with 9 vibrating modes and 12 speeds.
  • Clean lines with silky-smooth silicone material.
  • The option rally fun pack lets the vibe flex with your body.
  • Sexy curves that will make your G-Spot purr!
  • Great for male P-spot performance. But because I’m not equipped with a P-spot—I can’t comment.
  • Artistic USB recharging station. Plug and Play!

L'Amourose Rosa Rouge

Now for the Interesting Part

As I mentioned before, the Rosa Rouge packaging is gorgeous and great for giving as a gift. But just because something is pretty on the outside, does not mean it will perform well inside of your pussy. The seamless design was pleasantly surprising. The company uses special injection molding techniques which ensure a no-seams vibe.

Sports Car Pricing

I fell in love while rubbing the silky silicone body against my delicate parts. But that is not the best part. Here’s the kicker! The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge is extremely powerful. The vibe comes equipped are two dynamic motors; one at the base and one closer to the tip. You can run them together or independently.

Dangerous Curves Ahead

L'Amourose Rosa RougeVaginas are finicky! Some enjoy big and juicy sex toys while others prefer slim and sleek. The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge has the perfect curve and designed it for varying types of stimulation. You can use this vibe both externally for full steam ahead clitoral orgasms or internally for a more focused G-spot scenic route. With every minor adjustment, the shaft flexes and conforms to your contours. I give the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge bonus points for its amazing bulbous head. It truly feels like a real cock!

Performance and Handling

The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge has another feature hidden in plain sight. The textured base also serves as a handle. You can switch to your left or right hand. This is really good news for women with little and arthritic hands. Simply hold the base in the palm of your hand and go to town! However, there is a downside to the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge. The operating buttons are hard to discern. I had to stop the action a couple of times to find the increase button. Hopefully, next year’s model will have elevated buttons.

Turbo Charged

L'Amourose Rosa RougeOkay, I’ve left you hanging long enough. All of my sex toy skepticism immediately went away after feeling the vibe’s Thermal Regulation System. The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge is a heated vibrator and it does not disappoint.

Ladies, this is where the rubber meets the road. According to L’Amourose, the Thermal Regulation System heats up to 42-degree Celsius (107.6 degrees Fahrenheit for us Americans.) But what does a heated vibe do for you? The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge adds a whole new twist to pleasuring yourself. You can’t beat the heat!

Life in the Fast Lane

Orgasms are the reason why anyone buys a sex toy. On a performance scale of 1 to 10, my orgasm with the Rosa Rouge is at an 8 both clitoral and G-spot. The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge is not a rabbit-style vibe. So, experiencing blended orgasms takes a little more effort. You can still enjoy having a double-whammy orgasm by bending the flexible shaft toward your clit. This is when the base motor comes in handy.


  • Super amazing dual motors at head and base.
  • Sexy packaging. Great for gift giving.
  • Easy to handle and maneuver.
  • Seamless design.
  • Flexible shaft shapes to your contour.
  • The heated core!


  • It’s a pricey investment for a sex toy.
  • Buttons are hard to locate which interrupts pleasure.
  • Vibration patterns aren’t unique.