Anal Pleasure for Men

Bottom’s Up Gentlemen: Exploring Anal Play Does Not Make You Gay!

Anal pleasure for men is a touchy subject. Go ahead and ask any guy and more than likely he won’t even talk about it. Although men are known for being anal sex aggressors, a sudden red line is drawn when it comes to their own asshole.

Straight men are especially sensitive when it comes to trying anal pleasure, even on themselves. A previous boyfriend of mine would not even let me touch his taint for fear it could make him gay. Some men think that anal play will activate some kind of gay portal. So not true! What makes someone gay has nothing to do with what is put in or around their ass.

The social stigma associated with putting anything up, or even near, a guy’s poop shoot is shutting men off a whole new realm of intense orgasms.

But here’s the thing—sometimes the only way of experiencing immense sexual pleasure is trying something provocatively different—like anal.

You’re Not Gay!

Conservative male Christians love demonizing the LGBTQ community, especially gay men. Although we cannot alter someone’s staunch belief system, we can start a conversation about the varying forms of sexual pleasure which include anal pleasure for men.

Fear of being judged, criticized and ridiculed is preventing a lot of men from exploring another path to pleasure. I’m here to say—-exploring anal play, either solo or with a partner, does not equal being gay! It does not matter if it’s a dildo, probe, stimulator, strap-on, or finger—taking pleasure in your body is your right and privilege. Give yourself permission to explore—no one has the right to judge!

Anal Pleasure for Men

P is for Pleasure

With that being said, anal pleasure for men is slightly different than that of women. (I’ll write another article for women soon.) The anal opening and rectum are virtually the same, but deep inside the male, there is a little nugget of juicy pleasure call the P-spot. Finding your P-spot (prostate) is not difficult. Its location is about two inches inside your anus and feels like a small chestnut.

Here are the steps in finding your P-spot:

  • Lay on your back in a comfortable position. I recommend using the Liberator Wedge because it helps elevate the legs while tilting your hips upward.
  • Start with gently massaging the area around your anus using lubed fingers. Swirl your middle finger all around and don’t forget to pay your taint some attention too.
  • Take deep, conscious breaths while your fingers brush across your opening. Increase the pressure as you begin feeling more relaxed. Pay attention to the texture of your anus when using your fingertips. You can stroke your cock for added sensation.
  • Relax your sphincter and then begin probing deeper with your finger. Try to go in approximately two to three inches while taking deep, relaxing breaths.  Doing a come-hither motion with your fingertip will help in identifying the P-spot.
  • You know you’ve hit the P-spot when feeling a slight tingling sensation. Adding pressure and releasing can sometimes feel like you have to urinate.

I recommend visiting the Aneros education guide for more information on finding and pleasuring the prostate.

Anal Pleasure For Men Tour Guide

I try to be as inclusive to all sexual types when writing. However, I am a married woman and mostly write from a hetero perspective. Not that that means anything. My husband reaps the benefits from me working in the sex toys industry. He also loves the fact I don’t judge him when using an anal toy. If you’re feeling skittish about doing up-the-butt-stuff, why not have someone, like a partner assist. You will feel less awkward when trying thing’s out the first time and may even like it.

Manly Man

For all you men out there who are skeptical of exploring anal pleasure—no need to fret about your manliness. Women really do love guys who are adventurous in bed. In our eyes, you all that and a jar of pickles. If you interested in at least trying, I recommend having an open and honest discussion with your partner.

Anal Pleasure for Men

In the meantime, enjoy your body and all the pleasures it can feel. And don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. You’re still a man in our eyes!

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