Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction: How to Work Around a Tricky Dick

Erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter. Affecting nearly 1 out every 4 men over the age of 40, ED can sometimes cause serious rifts within intimate relationships. Planning and scheduling sex around whether a penis will cooperate is frustrating.

So, let’s put the spontaneity back in sex with tips of working around a tricky dick!

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Your penis is usually the first tell-tale sign there is something wrong internally. ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is basically the cock’s way of saying pay attention!

There are two primary factors that can erectile dysfunction.

  • Underlying health issues.
  • Emotional or mental blocks.

A magic bullet does not exist yet for treating erectile dysfunction. So, before you start taking any blue pills or ordering penis pumps or subscribing to the dick-of-the-month club, I suggest visiting your doctor first.

Working Around Erectile Dysfunction

For guys who can still get the flag pole up but can’t maintain a “rock” hard stance, you may want to take a look at Oxballs. The Atomic Jock Muscle Cocksheath gets two thumbs up in my book. First, it instantly gives you enormous size and girth. Secondly, its ribbed interior helps keep you stimulated. Plus, the little silicone stopper gives you a tighter fit.

Erectile Dysfunction

Pro Tip: Use plenty of lube when using this bad boy!

Internal Stimulation

Guys who suffer from erectile dysfunction can usually benefit from massaging the prostate. In fact, milking your prostate gland can be the kick needed in keeping your penis erect. The added benefit is having some mind-blowing orgasms. For a deep, penetrative massage try the LELO Billy. Not too big and not too small, the LELO Billy really kicks things up a notch.

Need help locating your P-spot, check out this article.

Put a Ring on It

Sometimes, all men need is some extra blood flow. Cock rings are a great way of keeping the pistol fully loaded and are fairly simple to use. Some work at constricting the base of your penis, while others wrap entirely around the balls. I recommend using the Tantus Super Soft Cock Ring. They are really flexible and easy to use. Once you get the hang of using one, you can then graduate to more complicated designs.

Erectile Dysfunction

Strap One On for Size

Erectile dysfunction can make even the most macho of men feel like Pee Wee Herman. Don’t let an uncooperative member get in the way of intimacy, though. You can still have penetrative sex using a strap-on dildo and harnesses. Pipedreams has a huge selection of strap-on dildos with some that even squirt. If you’re going to use a strap-on, try getting one that is close to your size. You can always go up in size later on.

Erectile Dysfunction

Pro Tip: Communicate with your partner before buying a strap-on. Make it a fun adventure and shop together!

A Magic Bullet

Hot Octopuss really made an impression with their innovative Guybrator. Using PulsePlate Technology, the Pulse III uses oscillation frequency which helps stimulate instant erections. No, it’s not a penis pump! Shaped like a small football, you simply slip your flaccid penis through the opening and let the oscillating disc stimulate your glans.