Sex Toys for Virgins

Pleasure Zones: Best Sex Toys for Virgins

Sex toys for virgins may seem like a complete oxymoron but I’m here to say you can still enjoy pleasure without engaging in penetration. In fact, using sex toys can help virgins better understand how the body responds to stimulation. By the time you’re ready to engage in having sex (with any partner) you’ll find it easier guiding them in the right direction.

What is Virginity, Anyway?

The modern definition of virginity is the state of a person who has never engaged in sexual intercourse. Of course, this makes sense for men, but what about women? What if virginity were redefined as someone who has never had an orgasm? I know plenty of sexually experienced women in their mid to late 30’s who have never experienced an orgasm, especially during penetration.

Let’s flip the script and stop putting such importance on physical penetration and view orgasm as the new virginity!

Sex Toys for Virgins

The issue I have with a lot of the sex toys for women is they are shaped like penises. Most of them are meant for insertion for either simulated penetration or G-spot stimulation. Now for virgins who choose not to engage in penetration for any reason may have a problem with this.

There are plenty of sex toys for virgins which do not require putting anything inside the vagina. Here’s my recommended list of the best sex toys for virgins.

JimmyJane Hello Touch

I love this sex toy because it lets virgins explore their entire body. The JimmyJane Hello Touch is non-intrusive and comes with two vibration pods that fit on your finger pads. Simply turn on the unit and start exploring what turns you on. I recommend using the lowest setting first and building up from there.

Sex Toys for Virgins

Vi-Bo Finger Orb by TENGA

The Vi-Bo is another one of those great sex toys for virgins. More like a vibrating hand orb, you can stretch the silicone rings between your fingers. The low-frequency vibration is just enough stimulation without going overboard. Plus, no one will even know it’s a sex toy.

Sex Toys for Virgins

Iroha Mini Massager

The Iroha is the ideal vibe for most beginners. It’s non-insertable design and one-touch button gives virgins precise stimulation. But watch out, this baby packs a powerful punch and can send you over the edge in a snap! Note: You can use the tip for stimulating the clit or the side to massage your labia.

Sex Toys for Virgins

Womanizer Pro40

Okay, I get that the name of this one is not so appealing. But the Womanizer PRO40 will completely knock your socks off! This is one of the best sex toys for virgins because it does not really provide vibration, but rather, light clitoral suction. Read more about the Womanizer and how it works here.

Sex Toys for Virgins

We-Vibe Tango

This vibe is perfect for anyone who has experience using sex toys. The We-Vibe Tango has a tapered design that lets you use it anywhere on your body. The powerful vibrations can be used for teasing and pleasing your most delicate areas.

Sex Toys for Virgins

Je Joue Mimi Soft

As you can probably tell already, most the sex toys for virgins are basically non-insertable. I love the Je Joue Mimi Soft because of the outer squishy, silicone exterior. What makes this toy unique is it flexes and conforms to the contours of your body.

Sex Toys for Virgins

Magic Wand

I saved the best sex toys for virgins last. The Magic Wand is not for the faint-hearted, though. It only has two settings —- low and peel you off the ceiling high. Be careful with this toy. It’s been noted that some women get used to the intensity after a while and have been known to overstimulate themselves. The primary feature of the Magic Wand is its bulbous head that flexes with your movement.

Sex Toys for Virgins