Testicle Play

A Guide to Mastering the Art of Testicle Play

Mastering the art of testicle play does not require a Clown College degree. Nor is it as hard as you think. Although some women won’t even entertain the idea of playing with the doo-dads, there are a lot of guys who find it extremely enjoyable. In fact, most men rank getting their nuts fondled right up there with bacon, NASCAR, and their morning constitutionals.

Getting the Balls Rolling

Testicle PlayBalls, nuts, gonads, cajones, family jewels–whatever else you call them—appear vulnerable and fragile from the outside.  But in reality, they can handle some serious actions. Testicle play can be incredibly pleasurable, but really all depends on how your man likes them handled.




A Guide to Mastering the Art of Testicle Play

TEA Bagging

Testicle PlayFor those unfamiliar with the term—tea-bagging is when a guy puts his scrotum into an opening, usually someone’s mouth. To understand the concept of this form of testicle play, imagine the gentle dunking motion of a tea bag inside a mug of hot water. Instead of a cup; however, the giver us opening their mouth wide while he dips his balls downward. This testicle play technique works best when he’s standing over your face. Once inside, you can delicately suck or lick. And to add more variety, try moaning for a vibrational sensation.

Brought to you by the letter w

Testicle PlayTesticles are chocked full of nerves and respond to even the slightest change in temperature or touch. This oral sex technique should drive your guy absolutely nuts. While performing oral sex on him, you can easily incorporate his balls by using the letter W with your tongue. Start at the center of his shaft and once you reach his testicles lick down the center. Then, with your tongue, start on one side of his balls and begin licking your way toward the middle. Don’t ignore where testicles meet his body. Lick up the middle, then back down and up the other side and voila! You just licked a W. Add a little more sensation and use your hand to stroke his penis while licking.

Get Handsy

All those childhood piano lessons are about to pay off with this ingenious testicle play technique. Begin by gently cupping his entire sack with one hand and then, with your other hand, use the tips of your fingers to play an imaginary tune underneath. I recommend starting off gently and increasing the pressure with his consent. Once he starts feeling comfortable, you try tugging his balls in a downward motion while pulling his shaft upward.

One Ring to Rule Them Both

Cock rings and balls slings have become a popular choice for men. These simple accessories can help guys maintain rock hard erections and help them last longer during sex. Men who enjoy using cock rings say that it makes them look and feel larger too. For beginner’s, I recommend using the Oxballs Sprocket Super Stretch cock rings. These cock rings are highly flexible and are easy to apply and remove. Using ample amounts of lube will help in making the process easier.

Testicle Play

Oxballs Sprocket Cockring $12.00

Guys can really enhance testicle play with the help of a cock sling. Once again, I’m going to recommend Oxballs because they offer a variety of styles. Using a cock sling can be intense at first. However, most men I’ve spoken with love the sensation of having their ball slightly stretched away from the body.

Shave Club for Men

Testicle PlayMost women won’t even go near a pair of hairy balls—let alone put them in their mouth. That’s why I recommend manscaping before engaging in testicle play. Plus, having a clean slate without hair can help increase his sensations. So, if you’re going the shaving route, I strongly recommend using premium shaving gel (or cream) and a fresh razor. Remember balls are sensitive to any temperature change, so make sure the water is not too cold or hot. Next, have him sit on an edge of a chair with his legs stretched far apart. Lather him up and gently lift his testicles to make them taught and shave in an upward motion. Like most men, he will enjoy the sensation of being shaved is bound to make him hard. Finish him off with a hot towel treatment and an epic blowjob for being such a patient boy!

Slap Happy

There are some guys out there who truly love a little side of pain with their pleasure. This testicle play technique works best, however; when he’s highly aroused about to climax. While performing oral on him, try a slight tapping motion on his balls and slowly increase the amount of pressure. You can gently slap his balls using the top portion of your fingertips by flicking the wrist. Of course, consent goes both ways. So be sure to ask his permission before slapping his balls around.

Testicle Play Footnote

Mastering the art of testicle play takes time and patience. You don’t want to go for the whole fruit basket when starting off. As a reminder, testicle play is best when paired with other activities such as blows jobs and hand jobs. You can also go the other way too by pairing testicle play with taint or anal play.

No matter how you go about playing with his balls—consent and communication are always best!